Smith’s Drone Access Ltd offers a highly experienced and professional drone service offering video and/or still photography, GPS imaging and surveying Highly knowledgeable and complaint with industry-related legislation and Civil Aviation Authority guidance, Smith’s can offer a full bespoke package, from initial consultation, to flight-planning and compliance, through to 4K imaging and survey reporting.

Drone Surveys | A drone survey refers to the use of a drone, or unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), to capture aerial data with downward-facing sensors, such as RGB or multispectral cameras, and LIDAR payloads. These maps can also be used to extract information such as highly-accurate distances or volumetric measurements, benefitting a range of business types and uses.

Drone Video & Still Photography | Smith’s Drone Access was born from both a career in safe working at height & passion for both photography and aviation. Smith’s started aerial photography; specifically for the scaffolding induscty, but soon moved into the wider industry, offering various services that clients typically use to showcase their work on social media & web advertising.

Our drones are also employed to survey building and infrastructure for both structural and cosmetic reporting; allowing a safe, visual survey, that is often cheaper & quicker than traditional methods, as well as negating the need to work at height.

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