Scaffolding Alarms & Security

Our scaffold security systems can be deployed immediately after erection of scaffold and can be combined with additional services to create a bespoke security solution.

Hardwired scaffold alarms

Our scaffolding alarms can be installed as soon as your scaffolding is erected. With advanced infrared and motion technology, plus monitoring through our specified NSI GOLD alarm receiving centre (ARC). Our SIA licensed response teams offer high quality, fast and secure service nationwide. All equipment used is insurance approved.

Wireless scaffold alarms

Battery powered and simple to install, our wireless scaffold alarm systems can be deployed quickly to any site with relatively little cost. Activation will trigger an alert to our remote monitoring station, where appropriate action will be taken. Can be combined with our wireless CCTV system for a comprehensive security solution.

Monitored 24/7

Activated alarms send an immediate signal to our specified NSI GOLD alarm receiving centre (ARC) via GSM network. Where strict response protocols will be adhered to.

24-Hour Response and Keyholding

Our licensed SIA emergency response and keyholding teams can be deployed 24hrs a day by motorcycle. Attending the site to secure the perimeter in line with our clients security requirements.

Scaffold lighting

Alarm activated lights or bulkhead scaffold lighting can be installed in tandem with your security system to provide additional security deterrent and safety.